Trade Show Truss – What to Consider


For any prospecting business that wishes to participate in various marketing activities such as trade shows and exhibitions, making an effective presentation to potential clients is vital. Being present at an exhibition of trade show does not guarantee new customers or increased business especially if your presentation is done poorly.


A first impression is always the most important impression you get to make and you only have a few moments to give a good presentation before people decide whether or not they wish to come back for more information on your products and services. A good, attractive and organized presentation is what is likely to draw the attention of people and so much care and consideration needs to be taken when preparing a trade show truss for your exhibition.

Today, you will be able to find a number of companies who are available to custom make your truss to suit your needs and requirements for exhibiting your products or services. Sometimes it might even be very necessary to have it custom made as your products on display might have certain requirements or require specific dimensions or need to be able to accommodate a specific capacity. A leader in custom trade show displays is Infinity Exhibits. Getting a custom made trade show truss is quite an advantage in that you can brand the truss with your company colors as well as have your company logo on it and it will therefore match your overall presentation image.

When getting a trade show truss there are a number of things to consider such as shape, display and function. If you want to have your products on display whether on shelves or you might want them to hang off from the fixture, you then must make sure that the truss is fitted and included with the accessories to do so. Another thing to consider when getting a trade show truss is its portability and easiness to put up and take down at any given time. This is especially if you have to put up the truss daily and possibly in different locations.

The truss should not take too much time to set up and should require minimum tools and man power to do so. Before buying a trade show truss, you must first know the location and area plan of the exhibition location. If it is outside in an open area you must plan for the likely weather conditions. This might mean that you could need an umbrella stand if it is a sunny day. While you are choosing a suitable trade show truss, safety should also be taken into consideration.

Your truss should be a safe structure once set up and should not cause a hazard to the public and neither should it cause any damage to the exhibition area. You should be able to set up your trade show truss in a short time and it should be flexible to stand in different locations but most of all it should represent and present your company image in the best way possible.

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