Subscription Revenue Models


Something that a manufacturer in industrial valves does, which is the GWC Valve company, is to think about a type of subscription revenue model that they can offer their clients. This means that the users are charged a periodic either daily, monthly or annual fee to have access to a service or product the company offers. Magazines and newspapers pioneer it and it is a site usually combines free content with member-only content. Subscription sites are often specialized, with expert content and timely information. The subscription categories include a subscription for a fixed set of goods or service for a fixed period of time, a subscription for unlimited use of services which in some cases usage may be personal and non-transferrable, the pay-as-you-go, which is known as the convenience model and the subscription for basic access plus some additional charges based on usage.


Any membership site should have user management, which includes basic subscription functions. On basic subscription functions, users should be able to make an educated decision whether to join the site or not, choose membership options whether it is paid or free, register by filling in a form with the details required, log in into the site in order to gain access to protected content, change their password and of course change their account details. Some subscription models also involve frequent weekly emails or monthly emails in order to provide additional information of their previous order or certain promotions or events going on. The membership registration process should involve the following steps: visitors click on the join us link, join us link takes them to the membership join us page that describes the different membership options offered, from membership join us page, they can then select a membership option, either a free membership option which takes the user to the registration page or a paid membership option which will require the user to complete their payment for the appropriate membership access level and once the payment has been confirmed, an activation link is sent to the members email to complete the registration.

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