Refining Knowledge with ValueMags


There is nothing like refining your knowledge believes ValueMags CEO. The CEO of ValueMags and certain management are strong believers that you are only as valuable as your last accomplishment. This means that they are always trying to improve the assets to their name and the things they can say they did or even put on their resumes. For this reason, ValueMags CEO and a couple of top executives have taken the wise decision to go take a finance and financial planning course not only to benefit their business but for personal benefit as well.


Although the majority of the content in the course is stuff they’ve already been introduced to, if not dealt with hands on. The reason why the group enjoyed the course so much is because their  instructor did not regurgitate information out of a textbook. The professor put that aside and focused on real life issues that are affecting all of them – especially the CEO’s and executives of the world like the ValueMags’s representative in the class. The professor elaborated on many different subjects but he especially iterated the myths behind certain investment status-quo. For example, the professor was strongly against the use of stops for every day investors and the middle class. Often times, people that use stops will lose right before their stocks go up. In other words, a stop is an automated feature on investment programs. The investor will set a price in on their shares that commands the computer to sell their stick at. This is usually for people that don’t sit at the computer with the stock markets open all day. So, if the stocks plummet, the investor will not have made too much of a loss because they computer will have sold it at your stop price. However, to avoid a lot of people making money, banks and big investors that control the markets will drop the price on purpose to make sure many people sell automatically before they let it rise.

This was especially shocking to ValueMags executives because it made sense. Why hadn’t they though of it before? If they hadn’t, then how many people are being screwed with stops currently? ValueMags executives would like investors and players of the markets to understand the risks of their investments by educating themselves. This is a form of gambling but you can never gamble your education away.

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