Different safety equipments for trench working professionals


Working in a trench has always been a tough task. People need special security checks to be performed before working in a trench. They should use some safety measures such as trench boxes or trench barricading so as to prevent the trench from collapsing and injuring the workers. This measure supports the wall of the trench and makes it a safer place for the workers. Moreover, they provide adequate space and do not take much space of the trench.


  • Trench shoring can be done through several ways. Hydraulic pistons are pumped outwards until they press the trench walls. The trench walls are either made of steel or aluminium. Shoring plates, crossing bridges and mechanical screw jacks are used in trench shoring equipments. Trench bracing is mainly done for long trenches as they cover a larger area and have deep trenches. For short trenches some other type of protection measures are used.
  • Trench shield is used to protect the worker in short trenches. They do not prevent the trench from collapsing. There are different varieties of these shields available in the market according to depth rating of the trenches. Trench box plays an important role in the safety of workers and provides enough surface area to work in the trench. These are customarily made with walls of varying thickness and held apart by aluminium spreaders.
  • Aluminium and steel Trench shields are the most preferred one among the customers. These boxes have high durability and last for years. Special test for each of this box is done before providing it to the customers. Aluminium trench boxes are lighter than steel boxes and are more suitable. They have solid cast steel pockets and have internal shelving moreover they do not have any rusting problem and last for years. Thus, you can go for the aluminium ones when looking to buy one.

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